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Baby with Teddy Bear


Key Element Learning assists Infants reach physical and mental milestones. In a warm, loving, and caring environment, our teachers will provide nurturing, responsive, and consistent care to help your little one feel secure and valued. In our classrooms, infants will receive the utmost care while teachers assist them in developing essential skills. Activities and our Curriculum are inter-winded throughout the early growth stages of your child. Teachers will learn to understand babies' cues and communication strategies and build strong bonds that foster trust and a sense of safety and security. Our teachers support growth and development and provide warm, loving care throughout their time at Key Element Learning.

Infants: 3 Months 18 Months



At this stage in development, KEL believes that Toddlers should be engaged in activities that use hand-eye coordination, teamwork, and creativity. We believe playing is a key part of learning and is essential to a toddler's learning experience. Our teachers integrate playing into many activities. We at Key Element Learning try to enhance the time that toddlers start learning what objects are and reach milestones. Adequate time to engage in play is required each day. Our toddler classroom is structured around six interest areas where toddlers will play, develop, and learn about their world. 

Toddlers: 19 Months - 2 Years



Our Pre-K3 classrooms help your child develop a fundamental, enduring love of learning and attain the deeply ingrained social, emotional, and academic skills they need to thrive as adults. Your child will start their journey into a cooperative learning environment where they will explore and discover with the most effective and quality learning materials, an individualized curriculum, exceptional guides, and a joyous approach to practiced independence in a more structured setting. We deeply believe that each child is unique and can succeed. Children are individuals with different rates and paths of development. Each child has diverse strengths rooted in their family’s culture, background, language, and beliefs. Our compassionate teachers turn everyday experiences at school into fun, educational opportunities.

Pre-K3: 3 Years



Our PreK4 classroom features lots of fun opportunities for learning and innovation to prepare our students for Kindergarten and beyond. We use The Creative Curriculum, and we feature a monthly unit of study and a weekly question to inspire our young learners every day. The units of study are deliberately structured to channel children’s innate curiosity about the community around them, inspiring an early love for learning that serves as a foundation for academic success. Small groups and low student-teacher ratios provide students with a learning environment that emphasizes the development of skills, creativity, and character. An enriched curriculum facilitates student learning through interactive discussion, play-based learning, cooperative group work, and hands-on activities.

Pre-K4: 4 Years

Kids in Daycare


Each child is unique, and we believe that it is our responsibility to meet the individual physical, social, intellectual, and emotional needs of each child. Students in our kindergarten program experience a tremendous period of intense growth with a low student-to-teacher ratio in each classroom.


A love for reading and numeracy is cultivated in kindergarten. Students also emerge as writers as they hone their storytelling skills. Students learn through choice, exploration, and collaboration.  Through differentiated instruction, the academic and social-emotional programs in Kindergarten are tailored so that all students can learn. Small group and individual experiences allow for specialized attention. Extending their understanding of community to include our school, kindergarten students learn about the different roles people play in their immediate surroundings. Beyond the classroom, our Kindergarten learners experience specialized classes in physical education, music, art, Spanish, chess, swimming, yoga and mindfulness, library, and dance.

Kindergarten: 5 Years



Our afterschool programs are offered five days a week, from 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m, with complimentary pick-up service. We provide afterschool language classes in Chinese (Mandarin), French, and Spanish for beginners to advanced students. We have multiple activities and games they can play once we pick them up, such as art, chess, dance, and yoga. They are designed to expose preschoolers, Kindergarteners, and Elementary students to a second or third language while participating in recognized and fun activities adapted to the student’s age and proficiency in the language. At the same time, all after-school students will have the opportunity to participate in all the specialty classes. Our enrichment program in the after-school program engages children in creative, conceptual problem solving that builds confidence in our learners at Key Element Learning.

After-school: 3 Years - 9 Years

Diverse Kindergarten


Enrichment Classes (Included in the after-school programs):
-Language Workshop for Children
-Mandarin Chinese; Spanish and French
-Mandarin Chinese; Spanish and French for Children
-Kids Yoga by Power Flow Yoga for Kids studio
-Baby and Kids Bandstand
-Creative Movement and Ballet dance classes 

-Paint and Glue: Art class for toddlers
-Little Artists

Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Our campers attending our Summer camp program will explore a window of colorful adventures and creative summer days with Key Element Learning’s educational-based summer camp curriculum. Our founding principle of curriculum is that children experience the deepest, most genuine learning when they have fun, so our summer camp fosters theme-based and play-based learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom. We’ve created a variety of programs so our children will have the chance to dive into fun new activities every day.

Kids Playing
Weekend Fun Camp
Colorful Dice

Weekend Fun Camp

Children ages 2 to 9 can engage in exciting and educational activities on Saturdays by joining our Weekend Fun Camp. Each weekend we will have a theme topic for the children to participate in language classes, age-appropriate and innovative activities, fun games, art and crafts and outdoor adventures. The children will have language immersion time for your target language. Register for KEL's Weekend Fun Camp for a fun Saturday for both you and your child!

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