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Abou Pre-K3
Playing in Nursery

Pre-K3: 3 Years

Our Pre-K3 classrooms help your child develop a fundamental, enduring love of learning and attain the deeply ingrained social, emotional, and academic skills they need to thrive as adults. Your child will start their journey into a cooperative learning environment where they will explore and discover with the most effective and quality learning materials, an individualized curriculum, exceptional guides, and a joyous approach to practiced independence in a more structured setting.


We deeply believe that each child is unique and can succeed. Children are individuals with different rates and paths of development. Each child has diverse strengths rooted in their family’s culture, background, language and belief. Our compassionate teachers turn everyday experiences at school into fun, educational opportunities.


Students attending Pre-K3 also have an opportunity to learn another language. Our unique language immersion program is included in our daily curriculum. Fluency in another language opens doors to an entire world for your child, offering opportunities that would have been otherwise unavailable. The bilingual child has a deeper understanding of the potential of their own mind, a social and emotional head start, and a stronger foundation in executive functioning skills and comprehension of different cultures. 

Pre-K3 Schedule

Sample Daily Schedule

Pr-K3 Curriclum

Pre-K3 Curriculum

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