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About Pre-K4
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Pre-K4: 4 Years

Our Pre-K4 classrooms and teachers provide lots of fun and engaging opportunities for learning, innovation, and development to prepare our students for Kindergarten and beyond.


We use he Creative Curriculum to educate Pre-K4 students, and we feature a monthly unit of study coupled with a weekly question to inspire and engage the curiosity of our young learners every day. The weekly and monthly units of study are deliberately structured to channel children’s innate curiosity about the community around them, inspiring an early love for learning that serves as a foundation for academic success. Small groups and low student-teacher ratios provide students with a learning environment that emphasizes the development of skills, creativity, and character. An enriched curriculum facilitates student learning through interactive discussion, play-based learning, cooperative group work, and hands-on activities.


Using the approaches of Responsive Classroom, our bilingual curriculum offers an impressive array of courses that foster early numeracy, literacy, and awareness of the many ideas and topics to explore. Students learn through developmentally appropriate play, music, and exploratory activities to help make any high-level material more accessible. Our curriculum includes:


        Social & Emotional Development

        Self-Care Skills

        Language & Literacy

        Math Discovery

        Expressive Arts: Art, Music & Drama

        Language: Mandarin, Spanish and French


        World Discovery

        STEM Discovery

Pre-K4 Sample Schedule
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Sample Daily Schedule

Pre-K4 Curriculum

Pre-K4 Curriculum

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