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Red Head Baby

Infants: 3-18 Months

Key Element Learning assists Infants reach physical and mental milestones. In a warm, loving, and caring environment, our teachers will provide nurturing, responsive, and consistent care to help your little one feel secure and valued. In our classrooms, infants will receive the utmost care while teachers assist them in developing essential skills.


Activities and our Curriculum are inter-winded throughout the early growth stages of your child. Teachers will learn to understand babies' cues and communication strategies and build strong bonds that foster trust and a sense of safety and security. Our teachers support growth and development and provide warm, loving care throughout their time at Key Element Learning.


As your child creates bonds and play, areas of development are taught, and many concepts and skills are learned. Our teachers make the most with each child to teach them skills and build skills across domains that are the foundation for later success as a child.

Abou Infants

Sample Activities

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Please note that Infants do not have a strict straightforward schedule, as they need to prioritize different subjects; which will take as much time as needed.

Activity 2

Singing Time

Singing Time involves teachers singing a different variety of simple songs. Toddlers will watch and get a basic understanding of simple words and how to use them; this will lead to them being able to say an uncomplicated sentence fragment such as "I want" and then pointing to what they want.

Activity 4

Learning Language Development

Learning Language Development for Infants means learning to say especially simple words such as 'Yes' or 'No'. Instead of babbling which is saying 'da-da' or 'ma-ma'. This will give Infants an informative answer to a Yes-or-No question.

Infants Curriclum

Infant Curriculum

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