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Our Mission and Philosophy

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Our Mission and Philosophy

KEL's philosophy centers on bilingual education, supportive relationships, intellectual curiosity, and an engaged community. 


Key Element Learning is a diverse and multicultural school community that develops astute students who become bilingual in Mandarin, Spanish, or French. Our curriculum supports English and dual-language learning, and it helps children build stronger communication skills and better understand different cultures. We value curious, active, and growth mindsets and nurture all aspects of human development—intellectual, physical, creative, social, and emotional. 


One of the great assets of our school is that we have families from all over the world, and many of our children are bilingual, bringing a lot to our community and curriculum. We encourage them to use their Mandarin, Spanish and French, for instance, in the classroom. Children also have an exciting environment to learn a new language through their peers and the classroom. Children at Key Element Learning are very accustomed to hearing different voices and languages, which is a powerful feature of our program.


KEL's units of study, monthly theme, weekly question, classroom activities, outdoor activities, and lessons are carefully designed to ensure developmentally appropriate, language-rich programs where the curriculum is responsive to each child's interests and individual development. We believe that each child can excel at KEL. Our enriched curriculum, play-based learning, cooperative group work, hands-on activities, and responsive classrooms are deliberately structured to channel children's innate curiosity about their community, inspiring an early love for learning that serves as a foundation for academic success. Our small class sizes and high teacher-student ratios provide students with a learning environment that emphasizes a child-centric and developmentally appropriate approach to teaching a whole child and inspiring each child's creativity and character. Community-building activities foster responsibility, encourage learning from one another, and form relationships that will continue throughout their time at KEL.  

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