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Afterschool: 3-9 Years

Our after-school programs are offered five days a week, from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30p.m with complimentary pickup service by our staff. For the after-school curriculum, we offer language classes in Chinese (Mandarin), French, and Spanish for beginner to advanced students. We are the exclusive provider of the Language Workshop for Children programs for the area of Jersey City. The Language Workshop for Children was developed in 1973, and it is the number one choice for both parents and children from all over the world to learn languages. Language is part of our daily curriculum and children are exposed to languages in the morning and afternoon programs. Teachers use play-based methods during the choice time to teach children the language of their choice (target language). In addition, language classes are taught in the morning and afternoon. Key Element Learning’s native speaker language teachers have been carefully trained to use our respected Thibaut Technique® and can bring their passions and talent for early education to the classes. In addition, students receive a professionally produced, durable, and collectible Songs & More CD/Workbook Set (plus an LWFC Storybook for children aged 3+) to practice what they’re learning at home. Our language-rich songs are specially written for our language classes, recorded by native speakers, and reinforce grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation in a happy Thibaut Technique® way. 


We also offer specialty classes in Kids Yoga taught by experienced teachers from Power Flow Yoga for kids; Creative movements, Dance, and ballet classes taught by Mr. Dream; Baby and Kids bandstand classes; theatre classes by Ms. Angela; Cooking classes, art classes, and Chess and Coding. They are designed to expose preschoolers, Kindergartens, and Elementary students to a second or third language while participating in both recognized and fun activities adapted to the student’s age and level of proficiency in the language. Each class will build your child’s communication skills, gain their confidence in speaking another language, and will develop their awareness of different cultures. At the same time, all after-school students will have the opportunity to participate in all the specialty classes. Our enrichment program in the after-school program engages children in creative, conceptual problem solving that builds confidence and helps them succeed in school.


These Enrichment Classes are included in our after-school programs:


        Language Workshop for Children

        Mandarin Chinese; Spanish and French for Tots

        Mandarin Chinese; Spanish and French for Children

        Kids Yoga by Power Flow Yoga for Kids studio



        Baby and Kids Bandstand

        Creative Movement and Ballet dance classes     

         Paint and Glue: Art class for toddlers

        Little Artists



Sample Daily Schedule

Please note that the Afterschool Daily Schedule begins at 2:30

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