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Kindergarten: 5 Years

Each child is unique, and we believe that it is our responsibility to meet the individual physical, social, intellectual, and emotional needs of each child. Students in our kindergarten program experience a tremendous period of intense growth with a low student-to-teacher ratio in each classroom.


A love for reading and numeracy is cultivated in kindergarten. Students also emerge as writers as they hone their storytelling skills. Students learn through choice, exploration, and collaboration.  Through differentiated instruction, the academic and social-emotional programs in Kindergarten are tailored so that all students can learn. Small group and individual experiences allow for specialized attention. Extending their understanding of community to include our school, kindergarten students learn about the different roles people play in their immediate surroundings. Beyond the classroom, our kindergarten learners experience different specialized classes in physical education, music, art, Spanish, chess, swimming, yoga and mindfulness, library, and dance.


Our kindergarten program focuses on more formal learning, with the curriculum facilitating opportunities for children to interact with academic, physical, and social concepts in goal-oriented activities throughout the day. The curriculum helps students develop their literacy and math skills, gives them opportunities for plenty of movement and exercise, and connects what they know about their environment to new ideas in civics, science, and history. We’ve learned that children thrive on academic challenges, so our kindergarten students work toward mastering first-grade skills, leaving them with an incredibly strong foundation to work from by the end of the year.


Courses include:



        Civics, History & Science Foundation

        Language & Literacy

        Movement Foundation

        Engineering Foundation

        Visual Arts Foundation

        Performing Arts Foundation


        Mandarin, Spanish and French

About Kindergarten
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Kindergarten Curriculum

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