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FQA For After-school Programs at Key Element Learning

1. Does my child need to attend After-School every day?

No! Our program is extremely flexible. Parents can customize their after-school schedule, from one day to five days per week, one class to two classes per day, in any configuration.

2. How does my child get to the After-School program? Do I have to pick him/her up at school dismissal to bring him/her there?

Children enrolled in the after-School program are dismissed directly to Key Element Learning staff by their classroom teachers at the end of the school day. There is no need to pick up your child before after-School. Please remember to let your child's classroom teacher know which days he or she will be dismissed directly to Key Element Learning staff.

3. How the classroom teacher knows Key Element Learning staff members?

We will provide a picture and full name to the parents at the time of registration. This picture should be provided to the school for referral.

4. What schools Key Element learning pick up from?

Key Element Learning staff can pick up children from any schools within walking distance.

List of the schools available for pick up:

1. Frank R Conwell Number 3 Elementary School

111 Bright Street Jersey City, NJ 07302

 2. Our Lady of Czestochowa School

248 Marin Boulevard Jersey City, NJ 07302

 3. Hamilton Park Montessori School

1 McWilliams Pl #206 Jersey City, NJ 07302

4. Rafael De J. Cordero School

158 Erie St Jersey City, NJ 07302

 5. Scandinavian School-Jersey

513 Manila Avenue Jersey City, NJ 07302

Any other private or public schools within a max of 20 min walking distance.

5. Who can enroll in the after-School program?

To enroll in one of our school-based After-School programs, children from any school, public or private, are welcome to register for activities that take place at Key Element Learning.

What happens each day in the After-School program?

After-School programs begins when the regular school day ends. Key Element Learning staff members will pick up the children directly from their classroom teachers and bring them back to Key Element Learning. Other children may be dropped off at the Key Element Learning too by their parents. We organized free paly for 20 min while we wait for all the children to arrive before the after-school programs start. Snack like cheerios and water will be provided. We also encourage parents to send afternoon snack.